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Magellan BioScience Group, Inc.

Magellan BioScience Group, Inc.

6101 Johns Road, Suite 8,

Tampa, FL 33634 USA

Tel (727) 865-1300

Fax (813) 514-9401

Deborah Robison

Director of Communications

Burnham Institute for Medical Research

at Lake Nona

6400 Sanger Road

Orlando, FL 32827

Phone(407) 745- 2073

Burnham Institute for Medical Research and Magellan BioScience Group, Inc. Announce Drug Discovery


Tampa and Orlando, FL (06 July 2009) – Magellan BioScience Group, Inc. (Magellan), a pioneer in innovative drug

development from marine sources, and investigators at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research at Lake Nona

(Burnham) announced today that they will begin a multidisciplinary drug discovery collaboration to identify novel

marine microbial compounds that have potential as tools for biological research and ultimately the discovery of new


This collaboration will bring together Magellan’s unique collection of marine-derived microorganisms and their

natural product chemistry expertise with Burnham’s ultra-high throughput small molecule screening technologies

that were recently established at the Lake Nona, Florida campus. The Burnham-Magellan team will utilize

Burnham’s state-of-the-art robotic screening system to run bioassays and characterize lead candidates from the

collection. The Burnham team of Medicinal Chemists will then optimize novel compounds to afford potential

biological probes and preclinical drug candidates. The groups’ combined expertise in sophisticated chemistry

approaches and access to advanced screening technologies, will accelerate early discovery and drug development



“Burnham’s scientific and technological approach coupled with their highly-qualified and industry-experienced

research teams constitutes a significant opportunity for the discovery and development of new pharmaceutical


Burnham’s ultra-high throughput screening resource resides within the Conrad Prebys Center for Chemical

Genomics and is one of four NIH sponsored comprehensive screening and probe development centers in the

United States. The fully-integrated automated system combines robotic screening with high-content image

analysis, hit-to-probe chemistry, exploratory pharmacology expertise, and informatics, provides a technology

platform that is virtually unprecedented in the not-for-profit research world.

“The Burnham-Magellan collaboration will involve some of the first assays to be processed through our new small

molecule screening center at Lake Nona. This is a powerful partnership that will advance both science and regional

development and is representative of the collaborations that were envisioned by Burnham as we established an

east coast campus in Florida,” said Dr. Gregory Roth, associate professor and director of medicinal chemistry and

pharmacology at Burnham.

About Magellan:

Magellan BioScience Group, Inc., based in Tampa, Fla., is a privately held innovative biotechnology company

focused on the discovery of novel classes of therapeutic candidates. Magellan is using its integrated platform

technologies to isolate and identify new biologically active compounds. The company believes that its library of

marine microbes will be the next source of drug discovery for the pharmaceutical industry. Magellan aims to

develop and optimize drug candidates to treat cancer, infectious diseases, and inflammation. For additional

information, please refer to the company’s web site at

About Burnham Institute for Medical Research

Burnham Institute for Medical Research is dedicated to revealing the fundamental molecular causes of disease and

devising the innovative therapies of tomorrow. Burnham, with operations in California and Florida, is one of the

fastest-growing research institutes in the country. The Institute ranks among the top-four institutions nationally for

NIH grant funding and among the top-25 organizations worldwide for its research impact. Burnham utilizes a

unique, collaborative approach to medical research and has established major research programs in cancer,

neurodegeneration, diabetes, infectious and inflammatory and childhood diseases. The Institute is known for its

world-class capabilities in stem cell research and drug discovery technologies. Burnham is a nonprofit, public

benefit corporation. For more information, please visit


John Michael Cronan, Ph.D.,

Magellan BioScience Group, Inc.

6101 Johns Road, Suite 8

Tampa, FL 33634 USA

Phone: (727) 865-1300

Fax: (813) 514-9401

Dr. Gregory Roth, Ph.D.

Burnham Institute for Medical Research at Lake Nona

6400 Sanger Road

Orlando, FL 32827

Phone(407) 745- 2062

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